Welcome to iMingle - the pioneers of online social parties! Our first and foremost goal is to have people all over the planet enjoy their time on the social network more, by creating and participating in online parties and other events. Basically, iMingle is an open platform which is totally user-generated. You create your own parties or participate in parties which others have created. Millions of people are already using iMingle to create online events & parties, play with friends, meet new people, share music and watch video clips together and do much more inside the events - and everything is online, with real people, right now. It's alive, it's authentic, and it's a lot of fun!

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With a community of more than 7,000,000 registered users, iMingle is the leader of online parties on Facebook. To start mingling you just have to enter Facebook, and then search for iMingle, or click here to join us! Hundreds of online parties are waiting for you all over the world. Party with your friends and people in your country or jump over to see how people are partying in other countries. Because no matter what country you're from, and which language you speak - we all love to party!

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